Briley 3Gun M-LOK Handguard – Benelli M1/M2 10-14″. $275.00 – $325.00. Machined from 6061 aluminum, the Briley 3 Gun M-Lok Handguard is designed for the competitive 3 gun shooter. The handguard profile has been designed to wrap over the top of the barrel to protect the shooter’s hand during strong-hand reloads, as well as allowing a. These are premium Benelli M4 Briley.

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The Benelli M4 is an ideal home defense shotgun, law enforcement shotgun, or a rugged all-purpose shotgun to carry in bear country. Manufacturer model #: 11707. ... Pistol-grip synthetic buttstock.. 5. level 1. Tgryphon. · 7y. Not the M4, but I have Briley choke brake for my M1S90 that's fantastic. 2. level 2. Malrak. Op · 7y · edited 7y. Product Overview. The Agency Arms Benelli M4 compatible MLOK handguard is machined from 6063 aluminum. It is 8.5" in length and weighs in at 8.6 ounces fully assembled. The handguard features 38 full size MLOK attachment slots (8 slots are partially blocked due to the pistons). The handguard ships with the receiver and front barrel mount assembled. Benelli Ultra Light Raffaello 28 Ga. - Excellent Condition - 26" Barrel with Briley Modular Forend Cap Weight, Briley Bolt Release Lever, Briley Bolt Operating Handle, Crio Choke System includes Factory Modified Choke and Choke wrench. and a Briley Ben Crio Plus Spectrum Skeet Choke.

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The Briley Benelli M4 6-Position Recoil Spring Tube replaces the factory Benelli M4 1-position or 3-position Recoil Spring tube when using the Benelli M4/M1014 Telescoping stock (Benelli Part number 70085, as installed on the Benelli M1014 models). Our 6-position tube allows for 5 stock settings for a maximum 14.5" and a minimum 12.5. 13,357 Posts. #2 · Apr 16, 2020. As I understand it, the M4 was designed to meet the demand of the military for a gas powered semi-auto. The reason that the military insisted on gas operation is because Benelli's normally reliable inertia system will malfunction when weight is added to the gun. The military is prone to add all sorts of lights. 95 Select options; Benelli M2/ BREDA (Crio Plus) Choke - Black Oxide - BRILEY $ 60 An absolute must on a competition or tactical shotgun Hunters Specialties Undertaker Shotgun Choke Tube (for Beretta Optima, Extrema, AL 391, Benelli Vinci,SBE2 and M2 Super 90 12-Gauge Shotguns), Multi 5 Benelli M4 M2 M1 Supernova Super Black Eagle Benelli. Benelli models that accept Beretta/Benelli Mobil Chokes: M1, M3, M4, Black Eagle I, Legacy, Montifeltro, Nova and Super Nova. Benelli models that accept Crio chokes: a few Super Sporting guns made between 2006/2007 (threads flush with muzzle). Benelli Models that accept Crio Plus chokes: all guns made from 2008 to present EXCEPT for M4, Nova.

GG&G Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad is a large, super-fast bolt release pad that fits a variety of Benelli shotguns, making it far easier to find the small bolt release button. During the high stress encountered in most tactical environments, it's extremely difficult to locate the bolt release by feel; the GG&G Benelli Tactial Bolt Release Button makes it easier by aiding tactile recognition. Bud's Item #. 411560464. UPC. 650350106527. Manufacturer. Benelli.The Benelli Performance shop teamed with world-renowned gunsmiths at Briley Manufacturing to create this customized high-perfomance shotgun. Added features include optimized Briley bolt handle and bolt release, lengthened forcing cone, weighted Briley forend cap, Briley spectrum. As New Benelli Super Sport With Briley Upgrades.

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4775 West Harmon Ave, Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89103 United States of America; Call us at (702) 703-1299.

grasshopper 9061 parts. Magpul PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE Magazine 5.56mm/.223 - Black ...Benelli 103 items; Beretta 158 items; ...Briley 41 items; Brownells 12 items;.Benelli STd Mobil Choke Imp Mod Choke $30.00 CAD Benelli STd Mobil Choke Full Choke $25.00 CAD Remington T Rem Choke 12 + 20ga Wrench $10.00 CAD Escort Hatson 12ga New Factory 1-Full, 1- Imp.

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